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  • French Sciences and French Culture since 'La Chanson de Roland'
    L'un des buts recherchés par 'Orbital Flat Surface' est de créer des ponts entre la Civilisation anglophone, et la Civilisation francophone.
    Vous pouvez vous exprimer dans les deux langues ici, pour faire connaître votre culture, vos hommes de lettres, ceux qui reçoivent
    l'aval de l'académie française, et ceux qui optent pour une rennaissance extra-terrestre de la culture et du langage français au XXIème siècle,
    grâce à l'internet.
    One of the aim of this Salon, is to build some bridges between French area of culture and English area of culture. an extra-terrestrial rennaissance movement, to Study France from 'La Chanson de Roland' to the 'Lumières', to 'Lamark', 'Poincaré', 'Elie Faure', 'Bergson', 'Tarde', 'Proust', 'Céline', 'Artaud' up to your contemporaneous self. Work your texts in topics right out in french academy language, or outside of it, inventing the rennaissance of French!
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  • Le Monde de l'Internet Anglo-Saxon (pic dada)
    échangeons nos liens, nos url, et autres observations du bon ou mauvais fonctionnement de l'internet: celui-là écrit en la langue anglaise. y a t'il lieu de comparer la Pop Musique avec la Pop Philosophie, avec Facebook et Coca Cola? discuss your own culture here: how did you become an English native speaking cyborg? How can you speak here to change the trends in data feodality? Or do you want to be part of the rebellion, alors à ce moment on vous demandera (pour faire partie de celle-là): "parliez-vous jadis une autre langue"? "Hablas ya Castillano"? Mais... Tout le monde pourra s'exprimer ici en Nouvel Esperanto, la belle langue de Babili !!
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  • Self-Construction (build your auto-critique as a cure after you posted a topic)
    The Orbital Flat Surface (ie.this forum) stands as Observatory to the Ground Surface.
    How to (re-)create a group-subjectivity, or a many agents-subjectivity, which will spread everywhere on the ground surface, below the internet
    and reach us, aliens in the big world out there, the multipharous souls :
    Extra-Terrestrial Self Construction thus requires the critique of the human parts or 'agents' in us.
    That's because we so much need to imagine together a (slow, matured) answer to the difficult question :
    how can (alone or together) the alien soul(s) take back control of the Earth after visiting Orbital Flat Surface.
    Start to self criticize your human agents right here!
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  • Samples of Haecceities - Mundi - & Territories
    share your perceptions, the differences between 'Milieus' (refractivities of light and colors, cross-cultural journeys or stand stills.)
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  • Tranformative Pragmatic Machinism
    Explain us what you did: how did you manage yourself a way into the Academic Normativity?
    OR, you can as well tell us: how did you succeed to transform a content belonging to the realms of Arts, into
    the realms of Sciences, and vice-versa? also Conceptual Philosophy transformed into Work of Art, explain how
    people can learn in your steps? Are you 'followed' ? Does Philosophy exists at all, in itself ? Or is there only 'non'-philosophy ?
    What do you think about that ? If so, do you ever try to help others learn Art, Sciences and Philosophy, outside from academic normative values?
    also the space is left for you here, to Create some new Values !
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  • Conceptual SandBox
    What is 'Cloyçonnisme'? It is the philosophy of playing with the notions !
    Philosophical Sandbox: play philosophy with the world ! Write your metaphysics in
    Orbital Flat Surface ! "pas une idée juste, juste une idée !" Just write some notions, some ideas
    you care about !
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  • Third Temple
    How to build a Third Temple in Jerusalem/AlQods/Yerushalaïm?
    Do you think a (new or ancient) religion should have a new third temple? Or do you believe three monotheisms
    should manage themselves a way to a shok therapy by building a new temple together? Do you find your self attracted by such a proposal ?
    This is the place now to share your sounds and images: how do you visualize the architecture of our New Temple?
    Share images, maps, sketches . Free Imagination.
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  • Portraits and Avatars
    Share images and text here: can you Describe persons as novels or as classical painting do ?
    Post images of avatars, fake or real.
    Is there fake images ? What is the limit between memes, rhizomes, and post-media ?
    Is a civilization, as Toynbee argued, a monad. If so, are monads built upon fuzzy outlines, memes ?
    Send your avatars ! Let them send your comments !
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