Solipsism in Bishop Berkley

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Solipsism in Bishop Berkley

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Discussion with SteveO


Sylvia: unity is important.. cherish your difference, but unity is important.

Sylvia: the seeker is rewarded

Sylvia:i think to be in love with a carpet only prooves you have not yet graduated to the second density. the minerals have souls.

Sylvia:nevertheless sixth density influencers try to convince humanity that objects like carpets or lamps belong with humans to third density of self awareness .💡

SteveO:I love that saying. It comes from esoteric research. We can love any object that provides usefulness to this human experience. Materialism comes when we put an object or individual as the be all and end all. Essentially meaning that as long as we don't let material things define us we won't have a form of attachment because as Buddha says, "attachment is a form of suffering."

Sylvia:🥵i am tired to repeat it endlessly 🥵but « matter » does not exist: why? because bishop Berkley of Eire said it in the early 18th century. « matter » is a word which does not explain anything he said.

and to me that makes sense of saying it: in philosophy or in art, you « explain » from latin « expliquere »: litterally « unfold ».

why art or philosophy or when you are spiritually active, you dont « preach », that is you dont repeat yourself.

every one his or her own infinite « timeline ».

objects as you described them in your post above, can be point of convergeance between timelines: point of blockage in the eternal becoming of the divinity.

inertia, passivity is induced by such blockages.

the human being has the option to be active, and to destroy the points of blockage.

thence the intuition of Berkley (who seem to have had an active spirituality) that matter is such a point of blockage .
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