Spinoza : signifier reading of the Apocalypse Prophecy

How to build a Third Temple in Jerusalem/AlQods/Yerushalaïm?
Do you think a (new or ancient) religion should have a new third temple? Or do you believe three monotheisms
should manage themselves a way to a shok therapy by building a new temple together? Do you find your self attracted by such a proposal ?
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Spinoza : signifier reading of the Apocalypse Prophecy

Post by sylviajenepi » Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:35 pm


in the Tractactus Teologico-Politico
Spinoza sees the qualities of a <<navi>> or prophet

-he or she has a strong imagination
-he or she knows (divine) charity and (divine) justice : he or she is a
good person
- he or she must produce a sign going along his or her own prediction

now reading Julian Jaynes - <<the Origin of Consciousness at the break of
the Bicameral Mind>>
i learn that the right hemisphere is the one which is listened to by the
Left Hemisphere

the Left Hemisphere has according to the textbook theory here, was the
center of language.
writing being at these days (cuneiform) rather visual, the Sumerian enjoyed
divine idols like Deleuze and Guattari Despotic Machines (Visages) had
voices emitting from them, to the Left Hemisphere, which was otherwise
unconscious of Heaven or the Underground (Ereshkigal's)

the right one the center of listening to Hallucination : Moses according to
Julian Jaynes, along with the Hebrews eloping in the Nile Delta Desert,
fleeing Pharao, were in contact with the Right Brain, and that explains the
collective hallucination, the sounds they heard.

I am thus wondering what Julian Jaynes or anybody who is a materialist
scientist like his kind,
would think of the materialist explanation of a sign which the Prophet was
giving. Is there no way of them construing the <<sign>> has the expression
of a Real which is not explained away by the Ghost of G_D activated by the
Right Hemisphere to the Left Hemisphere ?

Spinoza, again, says that there is no reason to doubt the honesty of the
compilers of Chronicles in the current Bible, besides some inadequacies due
to hasty copies.

It is perplexing: what is giving material genetic "substance" to the Right
Hemisphere hallucinations?

What is the archaeological function in the Body (without Organ) of an
Hallucinating Right Hemisphere?

Julian Jaynes explains that it was a normative, commanding admonishing
Center, which was followed unconsciously by the mankind specimen during
Neolitic and Early Antiquity.

If the Summer for example was lasting longer than usual, in order to
organize the harvest, the worker(s), the king, the priests, asked the Right
Hemisphere, that is the God'Voices coming from the Idol, what shouldst we
be about to do ?

And now, when instead than trusting common sense, the politicians, the
news, or the family someone fails at territorialize on Consciousness,
Reckoning and good Logic, this person starts hearing the Right Hemisphere,
reactivated from old archaeological body functions. That explains
schizo-paranoid hearing voices, and the often <<commanding>> nature of the

What Julian Jaynes explains not, is the good functionality of the voices
during the Neolitic and the Old Antiquity (Iliad etc)

I should say that the Hebrews wandering in the Desert, were indeed
distressed, and subject to hallucination, yet the stability in the
hallucination, the stability in the Body perceiving a contact with
something Alien, is explained by the nature of the one prone to
hallucination, as Spinoza mentions in the first two chapters of TTP. The
Happy Prophet makes happy predictions, the sad Prophet makes catastrophic
predictions. The Hebrews in the Desert, had common perceptions of Distress,
which explain the collective extension and the (century long) stability in
the Hallucination. And the Right Hemisphere explains the constancy in
relying to certain feelings ( angelic Affects and divine Percepts)

Yes it might as well be explainable by reversing the order in this
intellection : what if we wanted to know what is the meaning of this Right
Hemisphere producer of Hallucinations? Nietzsche was explaining the
difference in Grammar between different Peoples. The "I" was not present in
certain thought processes. Which could be explained by some differences
between Right Hemisphere, at least different Thought Processes, and
Religions. Hjelmslev was seing a difference between Filters in Colors which
was translated in discrepancies between languages.

So Perhaps the heir of Julian Jaynes should at first listen to her or his
own Right Hemisphere, and seek to find out what is its Singularity, before
making Right Hemisphere a concept or instrument by which the Right
Hemisphere Production get Homogenized, everything subsumed under
Hallucination as a category.

The Historical Conquest of Logic and Singularity over the Unconscious does
not pass eternally by a reduction ad absurdum of the Brain. The Brain is
an Organ in the Body Without Organ. It is a center of Connections helping
the Organs or series of Plexus or Ganglions of this Human BWO, it helps the
Body to know the environment, be on Earth or beyond.

Best Congratulations,

Jonhattan Petterson.



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Spinoza signifier reading of the Apocalypse Prophecy

Post by BeJimmieFaist » Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:43 am

i aint exactly sure.. but i know it has something to do with powering things from your battery... not something i would muck around with.. i dont have the know how..

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