How to build a Third Temple in Jerusalem/AlQods/Yerushalaïm?
Do you think a (new or ancient) religion should have a new third temple? Or do you believe three monotheisms
should manage themselves a way to a shok therapy by building a new temple together? Do you find your self attracted by such a proposal ?
This is the place now to share your sounds and images: how do you visualize the architecture of our New Temple?
Share images, maps, sketches . Free Imagination.
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Post by AMasetto » Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:18 pm

i've'n't read enough to (or my me hadn't or whatever) to grok this here.

but i want to say and now.

the temple is the only respite from dread or is this only lonlinessees?

i want to worship God

is this another inept grandstand or is someone gonna give me a job?

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Re: hopelessness

Post by sylviajenepi » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:05 pm

dear Mazetto,
you'll have to take example upon someone:
take for example: Ben TallChief,
in Philip K.Dick's <<A Maze of Death>>: chapter1, first page:
in order to change job, he sends a prayer across the Galaxy, to the Intercessor.
if it doesnot work, he mentions how otherwise she should pray to
the Psychofashionator.
His Prayer is accepted, and this launches the novel adventure.

Sylvia Jenepi
(Messenger of the Queen of Ostya Ciutat)

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