Russia 2022

What about Civilizations and the seizure of axiomatics of States ?
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Russia 2022

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Hi. Good Night Deleuze & Guattari.
This correo was sent to me a moment ago by Marine La Pirate from Nettime.
Enjoy it with "gusto" as say the Spaniards.
Best Regards
Johnatan Pettersen


Are you guys here by chance advocating here for going on a war against
Russia (or China)?

Whatever if there is substance (that means life) behind the aforementioned
claims, is it worthy of asking people on Nettime and on anywhere here, to
focus on this little story of a war happening possibly between Russia and
Do you fear to be invaded?
Is that not a bit too much a lack of serenity?
(euphemism yes)

not the first time US agencies are manipulating crowds and responsible
authorities via fears.

Fear is one of the most dangerous of the emotions.
And thats why you like it, if you are one Man or one Woman who looses
gradually confidence in reality.
To the formers i here ask: Where is reality?
First easy answer by my service: reality is Not to be found on the digital
metaverse factory of ? second life ?. or whatever this metaphorizes for you.
Reality as well we could continue exploring it by saying: it can be
explored by the senses, by classical music. Listen to some Bach or to some
Bizet to relax a bit, to wonder what is real what is illusion. Take shelter
in beauty of reality instead than anchoring a powerfully gravy spread
negative emotion within the intellectual audience that you found here, to
share your new found land excitement on "Ukrain" responsiveness.
In order you talk i am sure, not to let Real People, Real Humans (they
still exist!!) spread ideas that can help hesitant people grow more
independent from fear, from Nato, from mental diseases,
Ney. I think its hopeless to resist: those willful moon controlled
internet agent are here only in order for the crowds to generate an
opportunity for some "apt" "adequate" "political" that is to say an
authoritarian response to fear. its scripted as my book .

Where is willing to lead us this wanted authoritarian response to
"perceived fear"?

Can we smell the direction of the wind by licking our finger?

Perhaps not to nato entering in aggressive warfare with Russia or China.
That might be a cover.

But 1) they internet agents are here to stop people being interested by
what is technology capable to modify in our daily life, as they are doing
on these debating circles and mailing lists. Trying to debate.
2) i imagine with them, that they have scripted and imagined, that as soon
as hesitant people will no longer be able to tell the difference between
Ugliness and Beauty, persuaded to have won a ticket to Disneyland with
their first car and their first modem, but soon not aware anymore of the
difference between Reality and this internet smartphone technology bubble
world, all vehicles of fear and of warmongering, of false intellect,
(for intelligence, as demonstrated by the dutch famous Philosopher,
belongs to a human being gifted with Nature?s flesh and blood, and an
intelligence, or Reason, always matches with the ability to care for the
duration of its Content, the singular body, and the extension of this
Content: the metaphysical songs made by a body into growth, bathing and
swimming with tranquille modesty in the pleasure of the sound happyness of
the Universe)
i call people here as elsewhere, to think on this notion: once the
difference between Reality and the Fear carried into your Reality by Media
and false intellect, is no longer beheld by the crowds your neighbors in
the fractal world generated by dizzy internet,
the planet will be made divided between two Worlds-A) Jungles, deserts,
Oceans, rural nature & -B) Smart Cities protected by biodomes, from the
deserts surrounding them.

Two populations live in the two Realms: nomads and intellectuals. Nomads
for Deserts.

The deserts will be only in the Imagination of the people whose Reality
will have been stolen by the Fear.
for actually the deserts will be known by those enveloping in their
multicolored skins the Reality, the G.D Non finite Nature, that is all.

Irony will be supreme: the people who will have been ? connected ? to the
emotions of pleasure-fear, a kind of Religion of the abysses, will be in
the middle of everything, yet disconnected from the Middle many Beauties!!

So please calm down. middle ground are here now operatives.
You do not truly belong to Nato world. Do you say you belong to Disney
Nor should you think you do belong to Russian world. I reckon, truely.

Its just cool. Chill a bit about "the war", okido?
This is not said as to buffer and as a momentary temporization within the
heat of discussion.
Its only spring time in the northern hemisphere.
Did you only realize it: we changed hour recently. Summer time hour. But
calm down. Summer not now. A bit later.

Its a simple description of what will happen to those seduced by the hot
night of darkness emanating from those worrying about what is happening on
your laptop, or on you smartphone, these little texto exchanged by demons
that you read the morning with your coffee, and the other graphics made by
androids pressurizing on your thoughts, as if coming out of a Philip K.Dick
novel, but yet more marvelously looking in sight than the latest and the
mightiest economical crisis musical organized by Hollywood Nato.. musical
that you might miss this Summer, if you spend too much time like the cicada
in La Fontaine, dancing with military in Ukrain and China, or dancing to be
distracted by the next yellow jacket rebellion that is threatening

There was a earthquake in Fukushima this afternoon.

News Speaker:
<< Billy, Lets talk now briefly about the opinion of the inhabitants of
Tokyo : did they actually buy these iodine pills in the pharmacy, or are
there no more pills , we think because China behaves "irresponsibly" and
outside any historical legal bonds, dreamed by the Aboriginal tribes of

The double of the News Speakers answers:
<< Waow, Johnny, you are so right, this makes me think, its really like in
the awakening i had when military operatives from Neo Conservative Rumsfeld
supporters in 2003 talked to us the Europeans saying: "welcome to planet
Earth" (he was surely meaning "welcome to Reality").>>

To the journalist on the plateau i raise my glass and say:
Of what kind decadence is made Reality!!
Read only the title in Oscar Spengler : "the Decline of the West"
(i have not read the book but the title rocks doesn t it)
it encourages one to consider Reality, what school and teachers, paid by
computer factories off world, told the children and the sheep wired in a
fence, to look as a Reality, and how since the 90's INTERNET connected
gradually the whole children sheep in our Planet to this, in an Aboriginal

Are you going to dream it, with the teachers, and be eaten with them by its
sharp teeth, because people created their own flesh as a measure, so that
it craves to eat itself?
The fear created the flesh on the androids bones...
Now, think.

Marine fille de Pirate

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> Subject: <nettime> Further on Greg Yugin and Russian facism
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> Thanks Patrice for forwarding Greg Yugin's disturbing, but in my view
> accurate, assessment of what's driving Russia's actions in Ukraine.
> Anyone doubting the truth of Yugin's allegation that Putinism is directly
> comparable to the German Nazism or Spanish and Italian fascisms of the
> 1930's might want to look at the bloodcurdling editorial "What Should
> Russia do with Ukraine" by Timofey Sergeytsev published today by RIA
> Novosti:
> ... ld-do-with
> The above link is to a translation with commentary at the top; the
> is here:
> But fasten your seatbelts. (RIA Novosti of course being the Russian state
> media service that also inadvertently published that triumphant "mission
> accomplished" piece by Petr Akopov on February 28th, the one clearly
> written before the invasion of Ukraine and anticipating a swift victory.
> ... f-ukraine/
> .
> )
> A couple things regarding the Sergeytsev piece, which I couldn't simply
> cut-and-paste into Nettime as it calls to mind certain ultranationalist
> texts published in the ex-Yugoslav space in the 1990's. But some key
> points:
> 1) "Most likely" the majority of Ukrainians have been "Nazified."
> "Technically" they can't be "directly punished as war criminals," but they
> require "reeducation" and their state must be destroyed. A "total
> lustration" must be carried out.
> 2) After the government and military are "liquidated," this
> achieved by ideological supression" will take no less than a generation to
> complete.
> 3) The name "Ukraine" cannot be retained to signify a successfully
> "denazified" state entity on the territory that we now call Ukraine.
> "Denazification" is synonymous with "de-Ukrainization." Ukraine as such is
> an "artificial, anti-Russian construction, which has no civilizational
> content of its own." Accordingly it must be erased.
> 4) The "Banderite element" [read Ukrainian right-wing nationalists] is a
> "disguise for the European project of a Nazi Ukraine, so the
> of Ukraine is also its inevitable deEuropeanization."
> 5) An astonishing conclusion is offered concerning this new deracinated
> entity now under the complete control of Moscow and with its name and
> identity erased: the "deNazification of Ukraine is at the same time its
> decolonization."
> As I said, bloodcurdling ? but published not by some fringe publication,
> but one of Russia's largest and most prestigious news sites, and certainly
> underlining the truth of some of Yugin's assertions.
> Best,
> Michael
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> > Aloha,
> > You may want to read this first, Greg Yudin in Open Democracy, just two
> > days before the war:
> >
> >
> ... o-history/
> >
> > 'A fascist regime looms in Russia - interview with Greg Yugin
> > Moscow sociologist Greg Yudin on Putin?s unleashed power apparatus and
> > the political motives behind the attack on Ukraine
> > Interview: David Ernesto Garc?a Doell <
> > https://www.akweb
< ... cia-doell/> (ETC)
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Re: Russia 2022 (News deprogrammation : a quick update)

Post by sylviajenepi »

i am upset with the people in Israel supporting Ukrain, cheering about
this URSS ship the Moskovskaya blasted by US Neptune, so i post them
<<Dewey Dell
🤢no poetry and imagination, i guess all these military agents on the
here platforms this is never gonna happen them talking in French, all
they speak is English, (and a frozen one from Scotland at that!) they
are programmed, or have been programmed, in another universe, just to
support a multipolarity Industrial Military Conglomerates. tea time
everlasting, Alice diving in rabbit holes she sees why they are using
deflective mirrors, for her to build a hopeless world beyond the mirror,
to give hope to the very people who lack imagination. end the wars,
now!! everyone!!>>
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