Brexit & Yellow Jackets

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Brexit & Yellow Jackets

Post by sylviajenepi »

Dear List,

I am living in a French environment, even though not in France.

that's the historic of my opinions:

1) first I thought it was the wrong idea to go on strike against the oil taxes when the "Bonnets Rouges" also
stroke against a similar eco friendly tax on traffic, back in the Segolene Royal Hollande years.

2) but then, i got to see the Tikkun Bloom related Lundi Matin hebdo, who was trying to demonstrate how Yellow Jackets
make dysfunction the "dysfunctions" (ie the States Apparatus one) and explaining how important it was to change your habits
according to "Yellow Jackets" way of demonstrations.

3) now i think Macron will listen, and his Government shall listen to the constrains on the infrastructure change Yellow Jackets
demand, like the one on re-nationalization of La Poste and SNCF (Trains). It is totally compatible to his ideas on giving Fibre Optique (ADSL)
to every one in France, however remote you are from big towns. Yellow Jackets indeed agree to the eco friendliness, and opt for more train lines being

Besides I believe the French Government is stuck, because Macron wants more of an European semi International or say "Democrats" (in the us politics use of the word)
plastic "globalism", which he understands to go alongside his way to decipher what "French Universalism" stands for (cfr previous UN assembly discourse by Macron, where he
paused as a Trump critic.)

And perhaps its a chance for him to show how versatile can be his spirits. And adopt a deeper way of changing France infrastructure. Deeper, of course, in this sense
that it is democratic, egalitarian, and that people's desire are taken into account in the more extended way as possible, even so more assuredly when they themselves
try to show responsibility and show restrain towards the violence this last Saturday, a bit like Toni Negri & Hardt, in the end of Multitudes.

Now, I think Britain needs to have someone who in charge of Politics, can combine in her or his reasoning the different factors of the questions of a very fractured opinions on the issue of Brexit.
I think mostly this shall encompass keeping the argument of working "in the nations interest".
So that the interest of the "nation of Britain", is that some agreement between the Leave feeling and the Remain feeling gets rightly assorted, so that Britain can effectively
answer to the majority of the first referendum call, and at the same moment become able to allow "Britain" as a Sovereign Person, to be able to talk about Herself or Himself as
someone not Fractured. That is accepting the disjunctive synthesis of Being Fractured (as it is shown above to be between various desires and opinions), and being ONE.

May be for you who pay attention to the Marxist discourse cases of entry in the logs of discourse, such a disjunctive synthesis may sound uncanny.

Yet, I believe Politics is too much looked at from the angle of the non practical in this nettime group. Too often have I been led astray reading drifting theoretical quasi rhetorical discussions
which will never help any whatsoever change in the world affairs. Not, I guess, even weigh in on the most advanced avant-garde leftist political force there is, if not
just to add a little on the resentment which is only part of the theoretical neurons in your many brains.

Britain must be understood by someone, in the elected crowd of people, (is by the way this Theresa May still part of the elected body?) i mean Britain must be understood
and explained to the whole nation, by the same single one individual elected human character, in one single intellectual & political movement, it must be understood, and explained.

If there is not such a person currently in Britain, then, we will have trouble.

This might certainly sound like a call to reflexion, on the notion of "multiplicity" and it is not a call to strong leadership (of course) it is a call to
letting something sensible, go transparent, through the situation, which is too complex to be understood at this moment, for
lack of conceptual quality in the reflexion groups and "think tanks" such as nettime or elsewhere.

People on the net instead of discussing their opinions, should try to change the tools with which they understand the current and recent becoming of this world.

Perhaps, the scientific community, the one who obeys the doctrine of "doubt" (and NOT opinions which are too solid) is perhaps more naturally elected to see through this situation,
than the opinion class which is ruling over the debates and over the Governments of UE or US since a few twenty or so years.
This, i get a feeling that Donald Trump had understood, yet, unfortunately for everybody his actual somewhat sick limited behavior, do not stand as the leader, for the solving the problems of his time.

So maybe we hope Macron will understand how to reconsider his own very Philosophy and its very Foundations.
And listen to the change(s) asked by the multiplicity of his electorates. And propose a set of public discussion in a way which
would not necessarily destroy everything in France in UE or on Earth. He can invent, he's got a lot of tools with the digital.
Maybe perhaps as well listen to the nettime opinion and create new alternative (to Twitter and Facebook etc) for just the sake of this public discussion to be set straight, about and on topic the exact right decisions
to accomplish, which will be passed by him Macron, or the next successor in Government(s).

Best in heart,
Marine, daughter of a pirate.
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Post by Carjeogy »

Iron Lady Mk II

May has no endearing quality whatsoever and this whole Brexit is fucked. Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, blue Brexit, red Brexit...

To top it all off cunts like Johnson and Farage led everyone down the dark alley and with now have fucked off to leave everyone looking for a way to safety.

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