Habermas Derrida 2003 Europe Post Trump 2020

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Habermas Derrida 2003 Europe Post Trump 2020

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In 2003 Derrida and Habermas have written
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung & Libération


In order to understand why Europe, in her Ministry of Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini,
has recently condemned both of Donald Trump recent actions in the Middle East:
-the Cancelation of the 5+1 Treayty with Iran
-the Jerusalem American Embassy move.

it might be of help to understand how influent Philosophy can be for the Construction and Constitution of EU:
the way it is, and the way it can adopt Eurocentric Logocentric discourse from Derrida, in order to better stand in themselves &
among the Nations.

Unfortunately, even though the Chancellors of the European Nations Constituting EU know how
the <<becoming>> praxis and aesthetic of Guattari and Deleuze can be of help for the crowds collective understandings,
they do not pay enough attention to <<multiplicities>> and how a better understanding in their Chief thereof,
could help the Constitution of Europe.

Anyway, this is not the subject of the present libel, but this:
Habermas and Derrida had found it pretty steadfast to jump on the two side 'chairos' of 2003 Irak Invasion and mass protest of 15th of February
& the Constitution of Europe which was about to be written, and voted, in Spain, France, etc.

It was what determined to posit Europe against the "massive machine" of US Empire.

Somehow there was a quivering balance between both Atlantic Continents since the Fall of Berlin Wall, and The Iraq invasion allowed, provided the French kept quite, to restore a Union between the both Continents,
as Sarkosi 2007reintegration of French Armies into Nato testified.

This really happened thanks to Obama, and the movement of opinion was carrying and were so cheered & welcomed by the fantastic crowds in Berlin.

So, one could say: the genuine purpose of the Iraq war was or might be better understood from on this side, instead than on the toppling of Saddam Hussein dictature and grasp of cheap oil.
It seems Bachar Al-Assad who is as bloody and dictatorial as Hussein, is in 2018 preserved by the Russian, who are preserved by 2018 US Empire.

Some fluctuation of opinions may be noticed, but they are scant. Anyway, the real enemy of George W.Bush was the Chocolate Producer of Old Europe. ie Luxembourg, Germany France & Belgium.

Now, and this is the point of such a mail, the sad thing is that Europe, instead than pretending to defend the 2003 Philosophy of the 5+1 Treaty, which She does not.
Which is sad, is how Macron and Merkel are incapable to stand in Reality and in Front of Everybody, together in a Vision which would be Progressive.

That is what DH Lawrence noticed was so wrong with Europe as a Continent, as Land People Fabric instead than Sea People, is the way it is ancored to its Past and its Present (the "political parties of the French Revolution Area are mostly conservative and Christian in spite of appearances")

That is why Macron, in spite of talking privately with Benjamin Netanyahou with a common shared vision, is performing a funky reverse talking in the press conferences:
he DOES NOT DARE to talk against the opinion (of the political parties of France and Europe)

why so? he fears to be incapable to persuade, like Pericles did so well.

because he is a Philosopher.
but his philosophical attention is towards the fluctuation of concepts and opinions,
which follows from the explosion in the field of philosophy, of the "mind" of the Opinions, from such "minds" as Derrida and Deleuze.

Macron is very attentive to what the Critical, Philosophycal Opinion might have to say about him, or against him.

He is a Coward. He does not dare to Build thys Europe in His PhilosophY.

He is gifted to build wise discourse, so French. A wise, articulate philsophy emanates from his soul. I reckognise him.

But the philosophy which emanates so, is not built from him towards a Vision of Europe as something which would be balanced.

Some Union of States. Something American! We have no many other options if we to stand and not be the slaves of the coders of the Giant Empire!
Be Ourselves inspired by the American Revolution, in Europe. That would be a move towards progress. Unbelievable though I guess.

it is as if Europe would want to impose a Kantian or a European Philosophy FOR THE WHOLE OF the United Nations (U.N.)

Instead the World would feel more advanced, there would come more progress, as well on the global UN,
if the EU would produce a Self-Centered Vision.

This is not the case with Macron: he is waiting the situation to be moved by Trump.

They say: "Hell with Trump", but they are not self-conscious, they do not ACT.

what a normal act would be for the EU?

Just perhaps first of all: to publically aknowledge that Iran is dangerous. They say it only when they are slaves of America, I want Europe (or any continent) to be first, not a slave, not led by such Cowards.

Macron is in love with his maxime that "if you attack Iran, then the Middle East will retaliate, thus better to slow down everything, and profess love to your neighbor"

Nobody is fooled but the French. It's an intellectual mistake. It is by Reason of the Revolution of French People in 1789,
that we must say: stop this, and stop lying.

Publically accept that Trump might be right. Express your own doubts, stop pretending stuffs!!! Is he wrong? Say it then, stop lying!!! Yet, be yourself, Europe, present a balanced Vision of YourSelf.

Then why not start an Enquiry, an Enquiry which would be aimed at the French People, aimed at clarifying our minds. We deserve this Enquiry, we deserve to know and not be manipulated,
manipulated by the movements of opinions, the ones using them, and the Political Parties and the President.

why NOT see the Movements(of opinions)? Becoming Chinese, becoming Kleist of the EU and Macron? Hopefully soon; what!!
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Habermas Derrida 2003 Europe Post Trump 2020

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In a meeting there was a open discussion about restoring the racial balance in the organization, how blacks have an attitude and how "We" need to take the country back. All this is in front of me.
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