a short story: Gondo Minnie from the Zagreb Laboratory

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a short story: Gondo Minnie from the Zagreb Laboratory

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hi guys.

i happened to be standing on this internet in 2001.This place was loaded
with people. talking, sending back and forth, questions on Deleuze and
some were people who had a project in mind, like Inna, Dan, Paul who
later became apt to publish in pdf.
some others avatars were there to chat. this was Ruth, Dan, IamBobo.
there was a guy who sent many extract from the war in Palestinia at the
time.it was unusual because he used to send to himself little songs with
loads of >>>>>

then i thought: ok lets call my self Fili Houtman she was a funny girl a
bit disgusting & i guess i liked that ;)
then there was Harald Wenk who wrote with a disturbed computer and
considered it was intelligent to pretend to be the king of this
disgusting list.
anyway, for a reason, Orpheus in 2001 had warned me: "don't chat".
well, i don't mind anyway.
i have found another community on internet and i chat with them, i
don't pay attention to internet, to the Bible, to Marx, to Ukraine, to
Pandemics, to the underground below the Earth crust.
i chat with them and make good friends.
I know i have been told there are two worlds on Earth. those who are
moralists and fear death for a reason. those who have read "pragmatism"
by William James and have converted to Faith.
and the others who are never satisfied with anything. they are more
alive than the others.
but i don't mind about the Tales of Two Worlds on Terra.
i talk with anyone, un-considering if they have a faith in Morality, or
if they crave for a nouvelle Terre, like Olivier Messian.
so, i have re-discovered Eric Satie, and Emmanuel Chabrier. And I have
discovered Bizet.
How right was Nietzsche in electing this music in his heart!
something is going too fast we need to take a break.
am I insane?
my hands to not belong to me anymore and stop writing.
so i think we should just chat here.
what do you think?
are there many people on Facebook groups nowadays that are reading this?
i say: what do you think about the interfax of Facebook?
in relation to what Félix Guattari told us: that the interfax Machines
could have little spirits in them?
if that were the case, would that be not a pact with the Devil, Satan
etcto write your ideas and chat on Internet ?
well, i contest: here it's safe. No one pilots this list, to the
contrary of Zukky and Meta Verses black goo!!
we don't have to be wary of the NSA hacking thru these convos, as they
have been hacking convos since long, and on many different ways, more
intrusive than related by Edward Snowden.
they put chips in your food and your mind, turn you into a schizo, and
drive your attention on taking a vaccine that makes you their property,
a slave.
but i don't mind. there is no way for me to discriminate between who is
a slave and who is a human.
philosophy, public interest, singularity Reason, secularism, prevent us
from doing so.
so i won't let you yes or not be dividualized, paranoized by Agents,
political tools that would make you fear when writing your words and
little tunes here instead than in Metaverses.

anyway, one thing for damm sure, this list is out of control, and so is
the planet.
but we are not getting lost, the orbit is not lost, and it must be
fascinating for our people living in space not to be geocentric
anymore.. astrology is moving, everything is moving now... no fixed
stars reference, only our compass set to Source-One-central-hyperspace:
multiple centric astrology .. religions turning towards stars we pass by
as we move between stars ...
bye Johnny
Fili Houtman
whatever Gondo Minnie,

You Know, the baby chimp, he who grew up..

Well what about him actually? well Gondo was tested heavily with L.S.D.
after writing on Deleuze-Guattari list. Liza Kozner was worried when she
found out he was positive to AIDS because of his abusers.it was not HIV,
as he was not an homosexual. under Liza's tactful supervision, he took
Zeolite to retrieve a normal chimp blood. Liza, who was still controlled
by the mind of the Internet lab in Zagreb, decided his adventure with
Minnie was hindering her efforts to understand how monkey D.N.A. could
interact with strangers on Internet.so she invited Gondo in a room in
the real zoo internet farm lab in Zagreb Institute, and she gave him
endorphins and left him alone for a quarte of an hour.
then a beautiful red hair naked woman was placed in the room Gondo was
breathing deeply, and he became very aware that something was happening
in him, so thought Liza...Liza was recording everything with a
block-note behind a blind mirror. Everything actual has its virtual.
Every positive, a negative. But the woman had been given Zeolite as
well, so she was connecting with her green plexus, the Chakra of Jesus,
or Universal Love.
Her name was unimportant, but Liza had imprinted in her mind pattern
that she was Fili Houtman.This was Liza's idea, because of this
Deleuze-Guattari list where she had seen the interaction between Fili
Houtman and Andromache Priam talking about their website in Phoenicia.
Liza had had a lot of trouble to cope with this website ideas. She was
fragmented by the Zagreb Lab mind control, so she could not get on board
with Fili's intervention. But something in her had resisted the mind
control. And that's why she gave the idea to Jan de Witt, her direct
superior in the Zagreb Lab to study how Fili Houtman would become
"conscious" again, once she would have convinced the red hair woman that
she actually truly was Fili Houtman.
So, okay, let's as well call her Fili Houtman, this Zeolite drunk woman,
if only this, for the sake of our own clarity.
Let's not be distracted by the narrator here.
Liza was taking note how Fili was approaching Gondo Fili was aware that
the monkey was not from her density complex.
She knew that monkeys usually are orange chakra complexes : they are
growing souls in the architecture of G-D.
Liza had cast a beholding gaze inside Fili's mind. Her consciousness was
not, she noted, the same as Fili's on the Phoenician platform, the sea
faring website.
Her consciousness was transferring into Gondo's own second density. The
consciousness of Gondo and the consciousness of Fili melted!!They were
Siamese twins. Hairs grew on Fili's arm, like if she was regressing from
her Green Jesus Christ Chakra,, backwards in time in the Matrix of
Terra: Black Goo had operated inside of her, and she fell on her knees.
Gondo approached the white skin, and touched it with his rosy finger.
The contact awakened Fili Houtman. She saw a turquoise sea, horizontally
approaching from her eyes, at the level of her orange peaky nose. Gondo
fondled her black hairs, of which shimmer she was enjoying nascent on
her belly. The hair had a turquoise shimmer though, as if it was waving
alongside the tides made by that of the Moon on a Vertical Surveying
position in our sky in Phoenicia, in China, and in Antarctica. She took
pleasure at the news. She didn't mind to be called "second density
being", and not awaken with the others on the Trump collectives anymore.
What the fook with Green Universal Love actually! she thought. Liza
decided to send the endorphins in the air. Gondo anon felt the response,
it was a perfume that made him see strawberries. They were red and pink
with little dots .A path of strawberries was leading in the Black Hole.
Gondo licked the strawberries one after the other. Fili thought: ah ah,
Gondo has managed to find out the future souls leading to my mind. Fili
was rocked by terra motto fashions, modes of the unbalanced Substance of
Spinoza was going in her with a pleasure she had never felt before but
yet was customary like this like a volcano in her sex. Gondo erupted,
saying "honk honk". Fili had been interrupted by Gondo's animality
coming in full scene. Theater, she thought. This is just Theater. I want
life, so much.. So she approached Gondos' nipples. They were hairy and
had the sight of rings of Saturn, pinky and orange. She felt like
lapping the monkey smell, she was feeling itchy between her legs too,
but that's when Liza seized her arms.
Fili saw her connexion with second density broken with scissors!
Dividual Control Society organized by the Black Goo!!
"This dirty male scientist de Witt", thought Fili Houtman.
But he was there with a smirk on his face. It was as if he had smacked
her butt!!
Jan told Liza:-"She is still an animal, but please, make sure the
placenta will not loose the orange density, otherwise she will reject
the baby."
"Is she Rh negative?" asked Jan, humorously.
Liza was accurately keeping track of the words without pointing to the
second degree used by Jan.
"I don't mind anyway," said Fili.
"You don't deserve to be with us on Terra '' she whistled .
Jan shivered, his blood turned blue he felt.
"Ah, women", he said.
Liza tried to temper everything: "we have the baby in a second density
cocoon, we just need to place Fili in the presence of the other animals,
so that her womb stands clear out from the Solar waves."
Liza turned herself to Fili.
"Don't worry honey, see, your belly hairs have gone already. You are set
back into the human trajectory."
Fili murmured to her self, in her world: "Yes, the Green Love of Jesus,
i do feel this green mint smell in my heart. She is right. They have
been playing with me. The beasts that they are! But in the meantime, I
feel the Green Love, it wraps me, its stronger. She had forgotten her
itch of which she had scented in her, when she was in the room a moment
"Can I get some Zeo?" she asked Liza, superbly ignoring Jan.
Jan caught her by the hand.
"You cannot mess with our experiment. Don't you hear this: we are
messing with your bloodline. You bitch, you just got an orgasm, but we
got your D.N.A. now, it's been written in our archives for eternity
now, and your son will grow backwards in the Architecture of Unbalanced
Liza was watching the fight. She would have liked to do something for
Fili's memory. She should have wished, to erase her own writing. But she
trusted her manager: he was aware of so many things...
Fili undid the tie from Jan's hand.
She sat down in the corridor, in between Jan and Liza. They had big
trouser Jan trouser was maroonish, and Liza was grey with yellow and
pink streaks. Fili touched her belly .She didn't know what to think.
Well, she knew her baby would be an experiment, like she was.
But she was afraid it would have trouble, she was not sure what kind of
friends his son... (she had been told it will be a son and she didn't
dare to question Jan's authority suddenly) well, will he be wealthy and
have a family and give me granddaughters?
But what kind of friends? Wait a minute, she tought, I just had a sexual
intercourse with a monkey! I had been drugged. There is something in
Jan's voice which is controlling me. She had felt this shadow, thrusting
her thoughts away from time to times.
"Are you sure he is going to be a son?"
She had asked Jan.
Jan smirk appeared on his face again, but this time it was more gentle.
Fili shook her head violently, but with some twisted irony in the back
of her mind. The back of her mind was leaning on the CoCa Cola giant
poster hanging on the white corridor wall, her head stood still, she
sniffed a scent of sex again.
But it was Liza who took her by the shoulders.
"Stand up, girl, we are going to the zoo, where you are sleeping
Fili Houtman said: "will i be able to have access to the
Deleuze-Guattari list, i need to post a message to Orpheus."
Jan went red in anger. Fili guessed how.. was he probably what humans
call "jealous". She giggled.

Fili said to him with more humour: " I know you are in love with me, but
its not easy, we are part of an experiment, and i am not even sure you
are not an experiment just as I am."
Liza again, feeling reassured: "She is quirky, she has her gut back, she
is her."
"What do you say?" wondered Jan, still red as a lobster.
"I thought we had lost her.. but no. Her consciousness is exactly like
the one she had written her thoughts on the Deleuze list."
"Do you think so?" Jan was not sure if he could be happy, because he was
feeling the aura of Fili. It was shadows of greens, coming from Jesus
Universal Love, and he knew he could not become attracted he had lost
his ego, and this could endanger his life if Guillaume the President of
the Zagreb Zoo Labs Incorporated got to know this!
"Where did you get this delusion, laser brain?" he had said it with
inquisitive suggestion.
Fili felt the smile of Night in his telepathy, from his mind probably,
if he had such a thing.
"I know, I can read your thoughts, you monkey mischief girl. "The face
opened. Many folds, velvety, like a woman's womb with centipedes and fly
hairs and something not "normal". A small violet and pink, but gold and
yellow faced woman, like a cartoon Character, had appeared inside his
head, and was haranguing Fili with a Moon diamond in her left hand,
while her right hand was deployed : a white star with on the tip of each
of the five finger: crimson flares.
Fili was very upset: "What!! What did you say, you stupid bitch, you
don't call me monkey, ever again, okido?"
Liza and Fili were both receding now from Jan, whose face overture had
rescinded, and the seam was now fully operative.
Fili winked at Jan, and told him: "you have been warned, idiot!"
Jan just threw his hand in the air. "Take her back to her, and make sure
she sells her virtual clothes on Meta and gets a wardrobe for her future
Liza was wondering what kind of clothes Fili should buy for her baby,
but Fili stopped her (and surprised her frantically)
"Do not worry, i can build my own clothes, i can stitch in 3D, and even
now in 4Dand guess what?? that's why you are so curious about me, for
you aliens you don't even know how to stitch clothes!"
Liza was now very worried and she concentrated all her attention on her
Lucifer god, the Black Goo that she had been told would help her take
full control of the Planet but that was lagging in time so much, she
worried ."
Fili was still hallucinating and saw a little white rabbit jumping in
the corridor, running in the wall and disappearing.
"Hey you morons, you launched me on a frantic rabbit hole with my wild
imagination taking a tangent because of your drab academic studies on
She thought about Spinoza " the mind has the body in its object" or "
was it something like that? " while she was now being handcuffed,
walking under a military Nazi duress taking back to her cell, walking
and made to follow the walk of two white helmet clones (for these
imperial guards from her ancient Galaxy had been appearing around her
and the other animals she was living with, in the Zagreb Internet Zoo,
and this she imagined without knowing what gave her this intuition,
because the Black Goo was only so worried, because of Jesus, how he
could give this Green Love everywhere spreading among the animals again.
This uptake on the animals was feared by the shielded officers. She
could feel the sweat piercing out of the white uniform, she knew the
fear distillation, seizing her naked arms, now glabrous and white,
glowing from within, like the brightest stars in the Galaxy
she remembered. She remembered the smile of the Night in Jan insider
woman. She shook her head and smiled as well.
Okay this was just an introduction to the new way of chatting on the
Deleuze Guattari List that i am introducing to You, dear Audience.
Hello, how are you? What happened? so long, time to see each one another
ok i was kidding.

Fare Well,and be blessed, Happy New Year (the true new year is the
solstice of spring on Terra)

Sylvia Jenepi-
a Special Messenger of the Queen of the Ostyan Republic
on a mission in the Sol system near Aldebaran.
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