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Is there fake images ? What is the limit between memes, rhizomes, and post-media ?
Is a civilization, as Toynbee argued, a monad. If so, are monads built upon fuzzy outlines, memes ?
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Conan Doyle's Lost World, Stratography and Orbital flows Manager

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-you are a writer-,
are you someone who has already thought presenting Donald Trump
as an interesting Original Character in your avant-gardist Novel ?

the way he ferociously pushes back against the benevolent Journalist, fights with self-assurance all humanity, the crowds in the Congress, everyone frightened included me by the US apocalypse he might have triggered,
makes me actually think to the character composed by Conan Doyle in << The Lost World >>
"Professor Challenger".
who has discovered a Kingdom in the cliffs in Amazonia.

(commentators think his tweets are more and more erratic and Nancy Pelosi explained the press how she often prays for him)

yet is he not a good person? : in a Becoming-Animal Challenger/Trump might just have some twisted humor : pay attention to when he talks to gentle democrats and republican easily shocked by his rude demeanors : Humans with his help might soon discover they may well have discovered something wonderful in the Middle-East, a secret map of the Lost Land,
might they discover anon with good enchantment how there was a very good reason to pull off from Kurdistan ?

Recep Erdogan might well be an other interesting Character in this Loony Tragedy:
he is going to talk with Pompeo and Pence today, it might be fun to add an Erdogan speech to our Live 3D Novel, one shot with multiplicities of camera by TV Complexes and WebTV Journalists , Andromache Priam and Sylvia Jenepi are going to listen with close attention to what Recep is going to say about the operation "Peace Spring"...

all rights reserved 2019 copyright Johnatan Petterson

<< On the fringes and in the interstices of settlement are the nomads, who maintained a much less stable and less easy relationship with the settled population.
There were surely mountain tribes with a transhumant lifestyle like recent Kurdish groups, but they would not have been forced into interaction with the settled plains by climatic imperatives which bring the bedu north seeking grazing in the summer, and their intrusions on the Mesopotamian scene, such as the Gutian incursion, tend to have only a transient effect.
By contrast, the lifestyle of the desert nomads meant that they were ever present, and there is no doubt that their tents were perceived as a menace by the city dwellers.

" A tent dweller ... wind and rain ... , ..., who digs up truffles from the hills, but does not know how to kneel; who eats raw meat; who has no house during the days of his life, and is not buried on the day of his death" (Myth of the wedding of Amurru: after Buccellati, 1966)

"Since that time the Amorites, a ravaging people, with the instinct of a beast, ... the sheepfolds like wolves; a people who does not know grain " (Inscription of Sun-Sin, after Civil 1967)

Although recent studies have emphasized that they were economically dependent on the sedentary sector, engaged in 'enclosed nomadism', they could not be controlled like other members of the state, since they were not tied to a time or a place. First and foremost they were shephers. This meant that they ranged far in search for grazing, and in times of friendly relations the villagers and townfolks might employ the nomad to tend their sheep (...)
They could also engage in trade in their own right, and at times the routes between Mesopotamia and the west, especially that taking off from the Mari region to reach Syria via the oasis of Tadmor (classical Palmyra) , were in the hands of the desert tribes. Their role here was no doubt largely to provide the animals and local expertise to enable the journey to take place: but the recent examples of Slubba, a non-bedu tribe, renowned hunters living rather like tinkers , with metal-working and other less material skills such as star-gazing and primitive medecine, shows that other subsistence strategies were possible (///...°°° >>

p84 Early Mesopotamia (Society and economy at the dawn of history) by J.N.Postgate


Arnold Toynbee described the Nomad's efforts with dealing with wild animals greater in comparison to the Settler 's effort in harnassing grains.
A Lesson is to be gained from the Nomad's strength at harnassaing wild animals, which inspired the Nomad Treaty of DG in later times.
Postgate later describes demarcation not being precise as a often due cause of dispute between nomads.
It seems from Postgate own accounts Nomads had a tendency in Mesopotamia to become settlers.
it was said earlier here that there is perhaps no such distinction between those smooth and those striated spaces.
Is there yet a distinction to be made between the Settler's lifestyle and the Nomad one? is there a Nomad 's Opinion and a Settler's Opinion on the following topic:
Recent development of world politics suggests American politics divide their roles as nomads (hunters) and settlers (gatherers)
in as many roles as for instance Plato imagined happened on the Market Place. Now is actually the Market Place smooth or striated, is there no demarcation habits,
which could make it seen as slightly molecular? If one was led to weigh in the essentialist narrative, one would associate a certain consistency level of striatedness to a certain lifestyle.
I wonder if the US Executive this October the 7th, so abandons the Middle East (really?) to the Foreign Actors, serves not the Philosophical Guattari Deleuze nomadic point of view on Reality not better: indeed:
Whereas Nomads as shown by Postgate have a tendency to become Settlers, as this very list suggests by its silence,
Some suggested today that Trump's orders to back away from Iran was not a deception but followed from Opinion's fear of the backfire which Opinion Real Estates had known after the Iraq invasion.
Today as well saw French President introduce in the Assembly the immigration debate wherein Public Opinion was seen by most as a vital ingredient in Communication:
how to manage the Communication so that Opinion stands essentially non - molecular. (likewise Greta Turnberg is one vital nominated to Nobel Peace Prize).

There could be some change in the groups of Opinion's shape(s) even if the content, seems manageable by the Nomad's Treaty in the same General Becoming as before .

a tweet by his Magnificence Donald Trump

hi Everyone!

this experience, soon to be adequate idea constituted language, as it relates now to : Ethics Spinozae; book I prop X;--
questions me here:
are the attribute 'res extensa' with the attribute 'thinking'
really what the intellect perceives as constituting the essence
of a/the real substance? the way the substance
conserves in its abstract/real retinae its active impressions of You (I said: 'Everyone')?

Bento says in prop X the attribute must be conceived by itself

otherly said the res extensa is never conceived
at the exact accurate syn-haptic limit between the
active mind & the passive extension .

- is it not conceiving the essence of a substance?

° is it now°?

mmmh, if Yes, this implies that different characters can
relate in speech one with another right now,
on the list of e - mails, and gain from learning from all denotations
coming from the next character into which it internet-virtually relates now 'on'.


The active mind knows a neighbour: another active mind
as res extensa, and is it at all possible
for such a denotative sexy Language of Him to be like a Laplacian golem (see What is Philosophy? view on sciences' habits
to institute golems as states of things in Matter)

an active essence to consider the other active essence
as a state of intellectually non-schizophrenic de-territorialisation ( abstraction from the fields of signs
permeating the depressive territorial body, the powerful odor of the closest ally next to the first set of active Essences)


and shall the other active essence of this Set, stutter énoncés ( the diagram's statements)
as forms of travellers crosslingual to a dry Lost Essence, shall them be the next active fountains of oily petro minds
2be a functioning content, a speed & slow co-ex-tension, or shall it be acting in You more as an co-in-tensive touching thinking aloud skin, pouring ideas through alive in your Essence?

? A difficult querry sent here by Vlady Putin out there,

so how to transform the intensities on the skin, on the next active essence << Kurds >>
(you neighbours)
into artificially intelligent tensors living as golems deep in2 You , how to pour fresh water in this Maze, so as find out how now to help you be reborn dear Adequate Idea


send your answers,
dear dividual Essence
of the
of affections .

bacci a tutti!! fare well now!! byebye!

a Tweet by his Magnificence Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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