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Adam, Eve, and the Snake

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:07 pm
by sylviajenepi
the green fascist reptilian eye of the pyramid of the dollar of the american prisoner is a currency that goes to worldwide and passes hands until it meets to Adam and Eve in their garden
they comply to the bidding of the eye, ashamed of being populous and possibly "vectors" of disease, shame on them they got that's the guilt you talk about !
and so they cover their mouth like animals x they will have their every 6months dna strands mutation vaccination with foetus and monkey dna tweaker to become slaves to the all seeing eye of the reptile

the opsigns and sonsigns are a bit fuzzy like flesh, and it should rather be carried by a geometric solid structure like in Logic of Sensation, where the pope InnocentX is isolated,
what if? a bit as if Bacon/Deleuze wanted to question and doing decodage with the "collective affections" going in the "false-or-pseudo-objects" of the indirect images, now, in order for the pope to develop a multiplicity of auto-moving body-organs, the colored shadows of the false-objects: they body - organs colored shadows , think the 'black goo' this an artificial intelligence of the matrix, but as well the black goo "thinks" this the green fascist eye of the reptiles, and Adam and Eve anon grow 1+ more dimension on their hairy skin; they magic couple now need as well to be isolated
one from the other by protections: supermarket clothes letting themselves getting down slightly for the vaccine injection often every six months, the opsigns and sonsigns of a screen/eye: a plane/screen, hover on the skin of Adam and Eve the seringue of religion of the vaccine "good healthy syrup" makes their entry inside the flesh it shines inside "non-localizable" then back above their hairy skin, the scanning reptilian eye becoming a travelling 3d all screening eye: a multiplicity of lights pulsating house/temples isolations geometries which are circling around the head of the Reptile like an electronic aura, facing areoles the poop black goo on the nipples of the Snake Queen of Orion, in a Virtual World, is now processing the thoughts of the false objects in Adam and Eve at galactic wide telepathic distance... "Mysteries SSS" she screams to Adam, with her forked red tongue full of venom. Eve sits on a chair and gets a new dose of the jab.