intercession around the theme of spacing in the Middle-East

discuss with text or post-media the universes of references associated
with deleuze and guattari.
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intercession around the theme of spacing in the Middle-East

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>>'To establish the logic of radical atheism, I proceed from Derrida's notion of spacing (espacement). As he points out in his late work, On Touching, spacing is "the first word of any deconstruction, valid for space as well as time." >>

i really do appreciate your answer dear Correspondant,

yes, Derrida's Espacement is interesting in relation with Adequate Ideas,

henry Miller was telling me after he woke up
"one" had to read something before writing:
after the Rosy Crucifiction ending with Nexus came a want for more, a new dawn in his World .
Miller feltnow like a SuperNova writing the Novel sequence, his Dream sequence, between the end of his schizo adventure with Mona,
and the Tropic of Cancer; the break up part in-betwixt
which he related to want to name as "Drago & the Ecliptixt" & he felt so happy about it, so close to
this Rosy Crucifiction with not adding salt to this most Essential, yet too cumbersome to align to his wishes.
Miller felt like some of his writing was better in his Mesopotamian Mezzotints, but got an Erazor gift from one of his fans by the audience & later, by his own demand he became infamous as the sex Poet.

so that the nature material for Drago came too short to reach out to the special intellectual words.

i think that's why he felt he had the time to scratch out for his writings, each morning to recollect his speed functioning as language, between the unleashed bottles hurled in the seagulls nests in Big Sur.

Just think about the Kurds who wake up with Donald Trump
following his airforce one post Iraq speed machinery meeting and shaking hands with the upper parts of the world with Kim Jung Un:
Donald Trump is currently working with a similar problem as did Henry
he is not drinking alcohol by the way. that's an ironic sign he is a sober one.
he is only hovering and barely touches the summits of our steadfast Planet without a name. The name of our planet changed because many people live on it, and entrust it with millions of yearning billowing names.

i thought Trump staff had left EU to "do the job"
and engage in a buffer zone ?
yet so wrong I was: it's now up to the citizens of Europe, to forget what I said, & to start to disconnect and deep dive in the magma the ocean of Henry's thoughts, whereas the main powers that be and the main Factors to be are left astray adrift talking about impeachment and if they want to stray "positively territorialized"
cannot engage anymore in our Sea operation, produce the mutation machine to help the Kurds out of this Eye looking straight into the Abyss,
wherein to FORGET our three evil regimes those engendered around the Antarctic Pole, gathered to implode once rooted, and sucked by the desire, the copulation between Earth Ge and Styx, interceded as recorded in Middle East protective Edge once, wherein they have engaged themselves, soon after the Us Waves of invasion, & substraction, in 2003-2011 .

Intercession appreciated as always,...

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Re: intercession around the theme of spacing in the Middle-East

Post by MikeLansing »

Yes, the becoming-space of time and the becoming-time of space, as Haegglund relates in Radical Atheism. Trump says "Let someone else fight over this long-bloodstained sand," which is a problem of religion, a problem of Spinoza's god. As Derrida has shown, the idea of a god, especially an infinite god, is impossible because there is no such thing as presence in itself. The relentless coming of time undermines an a priori idea of god, which is by default a space problem as well.
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