the two types of war machines in relation with Gafas

échangeons nos liens, nos url, et autres observations du bon ou mauvais fonctionnement de l'internet: celui-là écrit en la langue anglaise. y a t'il lieu de comparer la Pop Musique avec la Pop Philosophie, avec Facebook et Coca Cola? discuss your own culture here: how did you become an English native speaking cyborg? How can you speak here to change the trends in data feodality? Or do you want to be part of the rebellion, alors à ce moment on vous demandera (pour faire partie de celle-là): "parliez-vous jadis une autre langue"? "Hablas ya Castillano"? Mais... Tout le monde pourra s'exprimer ici en Nouvel Esperanto, la belle langue de Babili !!
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the two types of war machines in relation with Gafas

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hi. the impeachment of Trump by House Representatives is not based on a sound constitutional offense made by the president and is rather an alignment of the representatives on the anti trump general protest which started in december 2016 and which has been relayed by the me too campaign
the me too campaign has gained popularity in favour of Trumps bragging to do what he wants with women
thus the House Representatives are "following" the "flow" or quanta of the masses,just as described in "micropolitcs and segmentarity" (ATP plateau by Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari 1980 )a propos Gensis Khan
the Republicans have thus Reason on their side. they can see in long term politics and few are those democrats politicians who can see long range, so much their energy is gathered along the mass issue of contesting Trump's presidency

the State Apparatus is said in (Mille Plateaux 1980 ) ATP to treat people like branches and trees, peons in a chess game with attributes and subjects of statements, this is like the Sedentaries since Sumer did but does a war machine treat people like numbers?it would be too much a simplification:
there indeed enters the question of the dividual and the question of the "name" or "integral"
there are at this respect two ways of functioning for a war machine:as dividual, where the element in the war machine watches certain parts of its constituents "hacked" if they enter in the composition of the war machine's strategy
the next way of functioning for a war machine is to rely on the integrity of certain constituents to form "sets" which offer a second level of organization
there are degrees to which a war machine more or less understands the second level of organization. it will best seek in the integral organization a primary order in the war machine's strategy in proportion to the level of understanding of its constituents
hence the retrieval of data operated by gmail and facebook and such, not only as spying alien or foreign powers but rather as a tool for developing a new deeper war machine which uses natural and statistic artificial intelligence in order to deal with integral subjectivity amidst quanta movements operating in Society such as me too or extinction rebelion or other militant movements

an european tv like arte did broadcast recently a show explaining how Trump in 2016 used in his campaign the Cambridge Analytica data collected by Facebook
i must confess at the moment it is unclear to me whether google or facebook have the tools for organizing artificial intelligence on the integral level
it seems from the Arte tv Show that the 70 000 or so people which Cambridge Analytica and Facebook managed to sway states electors in favour of Trump were "people who were not integral enough" to be sure of their voting habits and not influencable by electronic interaction.
so this proves that artificial intelligence and its analyst DO pay attention to the concept of integrity.


remains the question of how uncanny a move is the one of "Shifty Shift" and the democrats in the USA to engage in an accusation on unsubstantiated grounds of the President of USA
it is often said that it is in the interest of the Democrats to conduct this alliance with me too and the Quantas to gain more high grounds in the 2020 elections.
but given a war with Russia China and Iran is about to start, their occupying of the Debate with such an ungrounded accusation might turn in soon against those who conduct this Impeachment, a high Treason to the USA and they might one day be judged and be held responsible for such misbehaviour when they were Representatives in the Congress.
they might know it, or they might not because their Reason is not aligned with the war machine of secondary integral level organization with data provided by gmail and such.

France has not such a high potential in Artificial Intelligence of Data & Organization as USA does and this might explain why Président Macron is using the word "Brain Dead" to describe what he sees as a deficiency of Reason among deciders in Europe in comparison to the USA, even considering the loss of Reason amongst the Left or Democrats and their Quanta in USA
Macron's wishes are for Europe to be better organized and not lag behind Trump.
Europe has no such tools as Gmail and cannot but in vain tax the Gafas : what Europe could do is to develop as well a secondary type of war machine of its own ,which if not grounded in such tools as AI and the Gafa could take into consideration the Europe's population from the point of view of Integral Subjectivities.
that's the whole point of having such writers as Guattari and Deleuze connected to new Pools of Research based in Integrals launched by European boards
the aim is not to compete or to enter in opposition with USA but to avoid crumbling by aligning on those US Democrats who follow haphazardous Quanta,
and thus to complete the alliance with an European Intelligence of its own.

Sylvia Jenepi
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