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l'appareil bipartisan aux usa a eu peur de donald trump

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 1:15 am
by sylviajenepi
l'appareil bipartisan us a eu peur de donald trump
parce qu'il était "rogue", qu'il pensait en dehors de l'appareil
et persuadait son audience par les arguments de la raison

un mouvement s'est créé et aujourd'hui les mêmes qui avant l'an 2000 étaient
mainstream et gris sont ceux qui avancent dans la stratégie pro-média

à l'époque moi j'étais anarchiste et je pensais que ma politique était ma pensée métaphysico-artistique

ce qui fait que l'appareil et tous les média je ne les prends pas au sérieux , aujourd'hui,
il y a quelque chose d'autre que peut offrir la vie naturelle en société

mais cette fraude fait des vainqueurs des criminels, et cela, crée une situation nouvelle digne d'intérêt intellectuel

force est de constater que ceux qui refusent de se laisser berner par ce 1984 ne sont pas les criminels, cette fois

les criminels perdront vite toute appétence pour la raison et le discours intelligent

il est possible que ce soit un nouveau versant des sociétés occidentales qui
se mette à développer un discours fondé et raisonné

(autre missive anglaise) :

whatz up with facebook and twitter ? lol: solidification of the media ?
the moment is ripe to question the media as a Faraday cage from which no
one escapes:
be them counterpunch (leftists) or fox (right) now everyone who in the
usa or in france
counts on media straight hair topology is as an apprentice journalist
led- you have be made to believe, and to build up on the pro-media strategy
and fancy melody:
Trump needs to go in the dark abyss full of nothingness..
somehow i admit i am slightly not of the same perverse opinion
have you noticed Persia's foreign minister Zarif from Venezuela has claimed
today the official end to the western Civilization ?
will it be a delight for our zigomatix to see everything quickly crumble?
how a hope for peace would soon in less than a few years turn up full

yet i am wondering how can one opine about the adversity of this situation
with seriosity?

by what magic can you be led astray from media's panoptical influence and
listen to what Trump has to say about the numbers not from what somebody
has told
you how to think about "the orange" but from the most direct source:
listening to Trump?

they (abc, etc) even barricaded the live speech yesterday night he gave
from the white house

is that not an IMMEDIATE sign for the curious to wonder whether that this
barrage was NOT an accident in an eventful evening yet rather pure
pristine 1984 Censorship from a mainstream media?
(the translateral mediaz are mostly as uninformative by the way)

from this how easy it is to jump to Trump's idea that what he calls "the
are really to be understood as literal "swamps" with live Godzillas and
TREX beasts living inside it? not a joke

where do they come from those swamps?
from The Paradize (dust and trash thrown down from There in the Abyss)

where are they going?
we do not know...yet

sequel following ...

Johnny X. Wayne Petterson