artisan cosmique: an acceleration of mankind's vibration

Explain us what you did: how did you manage yourself a way into the Academic Normativity?
OR, you can as well tell us: how did you succeed to transform a content belonging to the realms of Arts, into
the realms of Sciences, and vice-versa? also Conceptual Philosophy transformed into Work of Art, explain how
people can learn in your steps? Are you 'followed' ? Does Philosophy exists at all, in itself ? Or is there only 'non'-philosophy ?
What do you think about that ? If so, do you ever try to help others learn Art, Sciences and Philosophy, outside from academic normative values?
also the space is left for you here, to Create some new Values !
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artisan cosmique: an acceleration of mankind's vibration

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Le ven. 4 juin 2021 à 12:22, .Sylvia_Jenepi.
<sylvia_jenepi at> a écrit :
On 04.06.2021 02:57, Mike Lansing wrote:
> There is much content you have written in previous messages, and so
> will work backwards from Japanese subjectivity. Guattari’s Japanese
> subjectivity is mass-produced, D&G say: ‘The desire of a theory and
> its propositions should stick as closely as possible to the event and
> the expression of the masses. To achieve this, we must knit a new
> breed of intellectual, a new breed of analyst, a new breed of
> militant: blending the different types and running them together. We
> started with the idea that desire must not be conceived as a
> subjective superstructure that is more or less occluded. Desire never
> stops investing history, even in its darkest periods.’
> (Desert Islands and Other Texts, Deleuze and Guattari Fight Back)
> One could read this excerpt in many ways, though for Japan, “running
> them together” is Guttari’s take on the Japanese subject, who uses
> hight-tech melded with the almost prehistoric. This reminds Mike of
> Guattari’s suggestion that “what comes after can change what came
> before” in L’inconscient machinique. The Japanese subject could come
> to be interested, rather than not giving a fuck, once they thought it
> was (in style [italics]).
> They would have to see a mass movement along these lines, though they
> hold great potential for the
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Hi Mike,
Sorry if the vulgar word fuck caused a distortion in your appreciation
of what i was saying.

This email will be shorter and less interesting i guess. sorry for my
hubris in so saying.

It seems from the Desert Island quote, that Deleuze intention was thus
to « accelerate the movement » of what i have called the « time matter »
strata: in order to rise up mankind’s vibration, to higher up strata.
this was the purpose of « artisan cosmique » trying to practice «
heterogenesis » and increasing connexion of heterogenous parts in the
socius. he started by connecting « concepts » and « authors » of the
field of philosophers from past. Then he moved on with connecting
thoughts from science, art, politics, in a kind of new labyrinth,
superimposed on the labyrinth which is time matter strata: with both
exits: one up, one down.

then both in what is philosophy and critique and clinique, he tried to
« connection » increase art/religion/science with philosophy

then he went off planet.

Guattari was trying to connect this Deleuze’s cosmic artisanship effort
to accelerate the vibration within mankind, by instigating his
with « head hunters » becomings. encouraging militants to disengage from
the low vibration « communist » or « psychoanalystic » or « ecologic »
massive entity, creating a perimeter of fresh air (accelerated
connections) for a new kind of society of « subjectivities » that its a
bit of an experimentation, he was treating our minds (the reader’s) like
worms eating his apples, and have fun at observing their wriggle/
giggles, thinking this was the first step in the acceleration. ( i am
not even sure he had such hopes)

in any case what happened was treated in my last post: the « new wave »
deleuze was enjoying creating for « surfers »: intellection authors,
artists, with « shrinking « relations one with the others ( think for
contrast with what society there is in Henry Miller Big Sur and Orange
of H.Bosh , or the ones in Jack Kerouak in subterraneans, on the
In short Deleuze effect, the accelerated society, how to say it has been
captured by internet grid.
the coherence of the deleuzian logic has created an independent
«research program » ( cfr Lakatos) but a few years after 1995 and 1993
the logic went
under the supervision of an « eye in the sky » which is not Spinoza’s
idea of the multiplicity of modes, but a head point of view, a king-god
divinity like in Assyro-Babylonia, whose collective-relations-shrinking
creativity from most of said authors minds and blocks any sense of a
creative community, this
eye lives some life of its own, from an orbital 40000 feet view in the
atmosphere, the eye in the sky watches movements on the surface down
below. makes sure they are connected by the internet grid. and other
types of connections shrink. this idiot king-god divinity i contend, is
not capable anymore to
send new head hunters to « steal fire » (Arthur Rimbaud) away from the
collective many subjectivities masses of Japan, Europe, Israel, you name
(as i said, the autonomous intelligence which because the « masses
expression » reappropriated dg logic, dg (the deleuze-guattari) research
program has lost
independency from what in this eye in the sky controls the masses, and
king-priest eye in the sky offers no soul enjoyment to his followers
(quite the
contrary: it offers covid19 vaccine!!) cut them off from the etheric
environment existing in relation with spinoza’s substance, and his
followers loose any capacity to
offer/poetize - pathic affective aprehension/generation with the modes
everywhere in the universe
helping this substance). [head hunter translates « têtes chercheuses »
btw: see chapter on visagéité année zéro, ATP]
guattari / deleuze subjectivities are thus part of a shrinking
development in this
civilisation (a monad, see Toynbee) a civilisation below the power of
the king eye in orbit, a civilisation which is destined to be swallowed
in a lower octave that is unknown.
on earth,
it can possibly be replaced by the acceleration into a new earth and
the increase of vibrations in nature from and between sovereign

sorry again for insulting Japanese cultural sensibility, for which i
have moucho love and respect.
Peace to you!!
Sylvia, Messenger of queen Id-Zabillya, from republic of Ostya.

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